A Crew of VFX Artists Take on the CGI of the Star Wars Prequels


Even a couple decades later, a lot of it is very impressive.

The people at the Corridor Crew production studio run a series of YouTube videos called “VFX Artists React,” where their artists dissect, respond to, and try to understand the effects work in TV and film. This weekend, they tackled the harbinger of modern VFX: the Star Wars prequels, which pioneered and heavily used many techniques and styles that would define visual effects work in the 21st century.

And the artists find that a lot of the Prequels effects work… holds up pretty well? Techniques that were visually impressive then are often still fairly visually impressive, especially considering the era. The artists in the video also share some interesting process information, such as explaining how shots of waterfalls in a CGI exterior of Naboo are actually pictures of salt poured over a black screen, with the CG around it.

When the eighth word of the first Star Wars movie is “taxation,” you know there’s going to be a…

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They even have some love for Jar Jar, who does, admittedly, look incredible for what he is. Check the video out, and I dunno, maybe watch The Phantom Menacefor kicks. If nothing else, it looks pretty good.

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