Email has become an important part of daily life. Sometimes senders need to be blocked due to unwanted mail.

You can now block these senders directly from the Mail app on your iPad, instead of having to use third-party apps. Here is how.

How to block emails in the Mail app on iPhone

1. You can block an email by opening the Mail app.

2. If you want to know the sender's name in the From field, tap on their picture.

Screenshot of iOS Mail app From field.
Tap on the person's name.
Kyle Wilson/Insider

3. You can block this contact by tapping it in the confirmation window.

Screenshot of iOS Mail app with Block this Contact option highlighted.
Tap on Block this Contact twice.
Kyle Wilson/Insider

When they send you a new email, blocking their contact will stop the alerts from appearing. They should be moved to the trash can to prevent this.

1. The settings app is where you can open it.

2. You can tap on the Mail app option if you scroll down.

3. There are blocked sender options that you can tap on.

The Mail app settings page with Blocked Sender Options highlighted.
Move to Trash is located inside Blocked Sender Options.
Kyle Wilson/Insider

4. Move to the trash.

Screenshot of Blocked Sender Options screen with the Move to Trash option highlighted.
Under Actions, tap Move to Trash.
Kyle Wilson/Insider

If you want to unblock a contact, instead of following step 3, you should tap on Blocked and either tap Edit or remove the contact you want to unblock.