8 Ways to Make Money Online to Travel


Occasional online gigs can be a good way for students or people with full-time jobs to make some side-money for traveling. Or maybe, your boss is not a fan of letting you take a leave every time you want to make a trip somewhere. Then you might want to quit and work online full-time to live and travel at your own schedule. Either way, you will need to know where to dig in for a source of an online income.

1. Writing

A good and relatively easy way to make money online. Talented and productive writers are always in demand in a multitude of niches. One can provide essay writer service to students via various platforms designed for that kind of job.

If academic writing does not sound appealing to you, there is as well copywriting. Just think of all those countless websites. Someone must have written every single word of that internet content, don’t you think so? And more and more new sites and webpages are built every day, every minute. Just join the global legion of copywriters and have your share of the pie.

2. Blogging

One of the options is to write posts for company blogs. This is what they call content marketing. That will limit a person to writing only what they will be told to write about though. To be free to choose topics for writing, start a personal blog and earn through affiliate marketing. How does it work? After an affiliate link is placed in one of your posts, you get commissions from every sale made via it. Banner ads and sponsored posts can be profitable too.

3. Social media management

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and such are not only good for staying in touch with former classmates. Nor the only purpose of them is for someone to cherish their vanity collecting likes. Managing someone’s social media business accounts does have its financial benefits as an online job.

4. Photoshop editing

Unbelievable, yet true that quite a few people out there need help editing their pics in Photoshop. And they are ready to pay for a well-done job. Most of those side jobs are simple and do not require a 99 lvl skilled professional.

5. Online courses

Creating educational online courses is fun to do. Just keep them cool and not too boring. Visually pleasant and with the right instructor’s style they will sell like hotcakes. Try selling them on resources like Udemy or Teachable.

6. Teaching and tutoring

Every day is a chance to learn something new. It is as well a great chance to teach others new things. Teaching and tutoring via Skype open up opportunities for people with a diversity of skills and knowledge to share. It can be and is not limited to teaching languages, playing musical instruments, handicrafts, yoga, dancing, singing, etc. Even things like business coaching can be done via Skype private or conference sessions.

7. Transcribing and subtitling

Both have to do with putting spoken words into a written form. Except for subtitling will as well require the ability to rephrase sentences to fit them into a time frame. While transcribing is merely copying down what you hear.

8. Fiverr

Although on Fiverr you cannot sell anything at any other price than $5, there is always a way to bypass – upsells. Imagine you sold a tiny gig like a logo or a short video at the price of $5. Now it is possible to charge the client extra for any additional services they want to it.


Online jobs can easily cover average travel expenses with the right approach. Do not be discouraged by the results of your first attempts. It might take a while to find your niche and adjust to the way online business works. But once it starts giving back, you will see it was worth that.