Everything New in iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4: Face ID With a Mask, Emojis, Apple Card Widget, Universal Control and More

The biggest update to date is the new version of the operating system, called iPadOS 15.4, and it adds a number of new features.

iOS 15

Face ID With a Mask

There is now an option to unlock your phone while wearing a mask. Full face ID is the more secure option, but mask Face ID is now available.

Face ID with a mask can be enabled after updating to the latest version of the software. It works with glasses, but it is not compatible with sunglasses, and you have to look at the phone to get it unlocked. Face ID with a mask is limited to the newer phones.

Universal Control

Universal Control is a feature that allows you to use a single keyboard and mouse to control the iPad and Macs that are signed into your iCloud account.

Once you upgrade to iPadOS 15.4 and macOS Monterey, Universal Control is easy to use. If you have a MacBook and an iPad, you can use the keyboard and trackpad on the iPad.

There is an option to turn on or off Universal Control on the iPad and the Mac.


Spring updates bring new characters to the table. There are a total of 112 new characters with the addition of 37 emoji and 75 skin tone additions.

New faces include melting face, saluting face, face with open eyes and hand over mouth, face with peeking eye, face with diagonal mouth, and dotted line face.

There are several new hand gestures, such as heart hands, rightwards hand, leftwards hand, palm down hand, palm up hand, hand with index finger and thumb crossed, and an update to the handshake.

New items include an empty nest, an x-ray, crutch, playground slide, wheel, ring buoy, hamsa, mirror ball, jar, identification card, and low battery. Eggs, beans, and pouring liquid are some of the new food items we can expect for fantasy characters.

Apple Card Widget

The Home screen can be added with a new Apple Card Widget. You can see your balance and spending in different categories with the Apple Cardwidget.

apple card widget

Keyboard Brightness

There is a new keyboard brightness option that can be added to the Control Center to allow you to adjust the brightness of a connected keyboard.

To add it to Control Center, you have to go to the settings and tap the button next to the keyboard.

iCloud Keychain Notes

Users of iCloud's Keychain can now add notes to any password entry, bringing it in line with other password storing options.

Passwords can be accessed in the settings app.

Passkey Website Sign-in

The new passkey feature in the iPadOS 15.4 and Apple's other operating systems allows users to sign into websites and apps with their ios device.

That means that if you use Face ID or Touch ID on websites, you can use an ios device instead of a password.

Game Controllers

According to the release notes, support is available for the new dualsense features.

Vaccination Records in the Health App

Adding vaccination records in the EU Digital COVID Certificate format to the Health and Wallet apps will make it easier for people in the EU to access their vaccine cards.

Other Features

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