Your neighborhood cable conglomerate could have overcharged you for broadband data you didn't even use, thanks to a recently discovered bug.

Comcast acknowledged this week that a "software error" led to some inaccurate data usage readings over the last two months, affecting at least thousands-and potentially tens of thousands-of its broadband internet customers. According to a thorough report by Ars Technica, 2,000 of the affected customers were hit with incorrect charges for exceeding the company's regional 1-terabyte data cap. The report notes that this isn't the first time Comcast has been caught overbilling its subscribers.

"We're very sorry for inconveniencing our customers," said Comcast in a statement." The company said it's fixed the bug and is "proactively crediting the accounts affected." It's also handing out $50 in credits "to make it right."