Good Samaritan in NYC who covered homeless man with blanket is attacked

His wife refused to part with the money.

Let's take a second to picture Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in a movie theater together.

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The price of dental implants may surprise you. The cost of dental implants is researched.

The calls to Pelosi's office came from the rioters who left phones and purses there. Capitol police took down their information.

A woman in Japan has filed a lawsuit against the sperm donor who impregnated her, accusing him of being dishonest about his civil status, educational background and ethnicity. The unnamed woman from Tokyo said that she and her husband wanted to have a second child but were worried about his hereditary condition. They found a man in his 20s on social media who claimed to be a single Japanese man who graduated from Kyoto University, one of Japan's top universities.

The cosplayer gave a tour of her warehouse filled with containers holding over 400 costumes. After four years of cosplaying, Enako made up to $9,000 a month and became well-known throughout the community. The cosplayer has appeared in Japanese magazines and movies as well as becoming a voice actress and a pop singer.

In this collection, you can build 1 million builds and 400 hyper- realistic champions to take down your opponents. You can install the game for free.

Most sites don't source this intel, but we were able to trace Bale's first mention of the film back to a 2010 interview.

Workers without four-year college degrees have lost ground in middle-class jobs over the last two decades. The trend has been well-known, but putting a number on the lost steppingstone jobs has been difficult. The study estimates that 7.4 million workers have been displaced since 2000. Nearly two-thirds of American workers don't.

Students in Boston and Chicago will walk out of class on Friday.


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I only got 7 correct.

A production team from the popular French fashion label Sézane landed in Oaxaca earlier this month to photograph their new collection, drawing on the vibrant colors and patterns created by local artisans in southern Mexico. The Mexican government has launched an investigation into the incident in which a video of an indigenous Mexican woman was used.

I realized that it was okay to not always be strong, and allow myself to feel emotional without having to be afraid of expressing myself.

McCarthy told Republicans that Trump admitted some responsibility. McCarthy was not sure what call you were talking about.

It's important to know the least obedient dog breeds because they are more stubborn than others.

A 25-year-old is making waves online after giving a tour of her three-story New York City apartment.

A prominent New Yorker is not happy with Chicago. New York Mayor Eric Adams made a point of Chicago having to shut down its schools for four days because of a standoff with the local teachers union over safety concerns. Adams tried to keep New York schools open despite the recent surge in the omicron variant.

A federal judge ruled on Friday that Martin Shkreli must return $64.6 million in profits he and his former company earned from jacking up the price and monopolizing the market for a life-saving drug. The ruling came several weeks after a seven-day bench trial in December that featured recordings of conversations that the judge said showed Shkreli continuing to exert control over the company. "Shkreli was not a side player or beneficiary of Vyera's scheme," said the opinion.

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You don't have to pay for a subscription to view the security camera footage on your phone.

The price of its subscriptions was raised by $1-2.

According to new data, about a third of people who have been exposed to the coronaviruses may still be infectious. The tests can detect virus particles, but can't tell if they are infectious or inactive. They looked for genetic material that the virus produces when it is making copies of itself and is still transmissible in sequential samples from 176 people with positive PCR tests.

The White House claimed on Friday that President Biden was not comparing opponents of the Democrats' bill to racists.

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Some of the best food in the world can be found on the African continent.

In honor of Korean American Day, Mady Gosselin is opening up about her struggle to embrace her identity as a child.

The justices' healthcare worker jab mandate ruling was the subject of a guest appearance on the Ruthless Podcast by DeSantis.

A Michigan man accused of spraying police at the Capitol with chemical irritants walked out of a virtual detention hearing on Wednesday.