Withings’ new scale has a retractable handle that measures EKGs and segmented body composition

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The Withings Body Scan has a retractable handle that allows 6-lead EKGs.

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Withings is known for its smart scales, but the company is taking it to a whole new level at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. The Withings Body Scan will include six-lead EKG readings, as well as segments of body composition and the ability to assess foot nerve activity. It is the scale for people who want to know how fat is distributed through their body and how that might relate to their heart health.

The Body Scan looks like a scale, but with a retractable handle up top. There are 14 ITO electrodes in the scale itself, as well as four weight sensors in the handle. The battery life of the scale is one year, as well as a larger 3.2-inch color screen. It will integrate with Withings' watch, as well as Apple HealthKit and the Google Fit APIs.

The Body Scan has more interesting features because of the unique handle. Smart scales measure body composition. It works by sending a low-level electrical current through your body. Body fat, water, and lean mass all have different resistance levels, so the scale will estimate your body composition. Most scales only have two points of contact. That means you are only getting an estimate for your lower body. The Body Scan will use a multi-frequency BIA as the retractable handle provides two extra points of contact, according to Withings.

According to Withings, the Body Scan can differentiate between your legs and arms. The scale will break down body composition into fat, water, muscle, and bone mass. The Body Scan is hard to say how accurate it will be, but it is nice to see that Withings is trying to provide more context. Many smart scales don't differentiate between fat. The kind of fat that is most dangerous to your health is invisible fat.

Wearables have a resurgence in body composition. Amazon introduced a body fat feature and BIA analysis on its Halo platform, while the other introduced a body fat feature on its watch. Body mass index is a flawed metric for evaluating your overall health and each of these companies has emphasized their body fat tools as an alternative. Body fat can be a potential cause of eating disorders.

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The Body Scan will be black and white for $279.

The image is withings.

The Withings chief medical officer told The Verge that they had been looking for a way to do it safely and effectively. We can't solve the way in which the world sees weight, but we will make every effort not to. We won't be in weight wherever we can. It will always be about your weight.

Withings wants to repackage its scale as a health station because it explains that weight is tied to self-esteem. The idea is to show how your weight relates to your cardiovascular health, as well as offer moreholistic, behavioral insights. Withings is testing the Body Scan with a diverse group of consumers to make sure it is more helpful than harmful. She said the Withings app would be upgraded with better data visualization.

The Body Scan will provide more than just body composition at the weigh-in. The readings can be shared with doctors. The cardiovascular age feature is meant to show people how their cardiovascular health compares to other people in their age group.

Withings is taking it one step further with a new nerve assessment feature developed with French medical device maker Impeto Medical. The scale will measure sweat glands activity in your feet and give you a score. According to Withings, the foot nerve activity is currently being used for research and could potentially show signs of nerve damage.

The Body Scan is subject to FDA and CE clearance, just like Withings other recent gadgets. The Body Scan will cost $279 in the second half of 2022, but that depends on how fast the company can get regulatory approval. The Withing ScanWatch only obtained FDA clearance in November of 2021. Despite this, Withings is optimistic that it won't take as long.

We have learned a lot with the ScanWatch and gotten to know the FDA team better. I think we are on the way to having the Body Scan on a reasonable time frame.