How to add a background to Safari in iOS 15

The image is called "chorus image" and is on

There are a number of features that don't affect your privacy, efficiency or fitness in the new version of the software. They are just nice. One of the new features of the mobile version of the browser is the ability to change the background of the page so that you can see something beautiful or colorful. Or just nice.

The process is very easy. Here is how to do it.

You will open a new page once you are in the app. I'm not sure how to do that. The double square is in the bottom-right corner.
You can see the pages that are currently open in Safari. If there are a lot of them, you may want to get rid of a few. There is a sign in the lower- left corner.

Noupscale is a file

The double square is in the bottom-right corner.

Noupscale is a file

There is a sign in the bottom- left corner.

You are on the "Customize Start Page." Look for the button that says "Edit".
You can either choose from one of the background that Apple has included or you can choose your own. You will be taken into your photo app to make a choice if you chose the latter.

Noupscale is a file

The button to be selected is the "Edit" button.

Noupscale is a file

Pick one of your own background images or choose a premade one.

When you tap on the image you want to use, it will bring you back to the start page. The square has been replaced with a plus sign. Leave the page if you are happy with your choice. If you want to change something, just tap on that square again and choose something different.
If you leave the "Customize Start Page" you will see that your new page has a new background.

:noupscale is a file on

Where the plus sign was will be where your image appears.

Noupscale is a file

You have a new background.