Trump endorses Lauren Boebert within 24 hours of Congress tacitly rebuking her for making Islamophobic comments

Donald Trump gave a glowing endorsement to Lauren Boebert.
Trump's endorsement of Boebert was announced by his spokeswoman.
Lauren Boebert has done a great job in her first term. Trump wrote that she is a fearless leader, a defender of the America First Agenda, and a fighter against the "losers RINOs and Radical Democrats".
She will continue to be tough on crime and protect the Second Amendment. Lauren has my complete and total endorsement. Trump said something.
Boebert said that he was honored to receive the endorsement of Trump. I will always support the America First agenda. Donate to our campaign today by chipping in $20.22.
The endorsement of Boebert by Trump came a day after the House narrowly passed a bill to combat Islamophobia. Boebert made Islamophobic comments about the bill's sponsor, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and the "Combating International Islamophobia Act" rebuked her.

A video of Boebert making Islamophobic comments went viral. In the video, Boebert referred to a woman as part of a Jihad squad and implied that she is a terrorist.

Boebert was called a "buffoon" by the far-right Colorado congresswoman when she saw him at the Capitol.

The whole story is made up. She thinks bigotry gets her clout. Anti-Muslim bigotry shouldn't be normalized. Congress can't be a place where Muslims are not condemned.

Boebert later apologized on social media, saying she was sorry to anyone in the Muslim community she offended. I reached out to her office to speak with her.

After her phone call with Boebert, she said that he had "doubled down" on her rhetoric.

The controversy surrounding Boebert led to calls for her to lose her committee assignments and face consequences for her anti-Muslim rhetoric. Kevin McCarthy said that House Republicans wouldn't take action against Boebert.

Trump has spread baseless conspiracy theories that claimed that she married her brother and abandoned her country when she was a child.
In response to the rumors, she released a lengthy statement and timeline of her marriage history.

Boebert is in a race for a seat. When she called on voters to support her over Boebert, she wanted to take out the trash. On her campaign website, she describes herself as a hard-working, get-it-done Conservative who wants to restore civility and ethics in Congress.