Mark Meadows compares Trump telling Americans 'don't be afraid' of COVID-19 to Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Things come to an end.

According to MarkMeadows' new book, Trump briefly considered dropping his Supreme Court pick.

Muhammad Ali's ex- wife influenced him.

Laura Oglesby was on the run from fraud charges in Arkansas when she posed as a student in Missouri.

Tom Holland's third movie in the Spider-Man franchise focuses on the multiverse and the return of major villains.

The U.S. and the West need to stand together with Ukraine and punish Russia for its actions.

A passenger creates a huge scene by refusing to move her bag.

Since Kemp refused to support Trump's claims of election fraud, the president has waged a vendetta against him.

An FBI agent said that a search of the mansion found many hard drives and CDs filled with photographs.

Tennessee State point guard Hercy Miller was ruled out for the season after he injured his hip. Master P is his father.

She's had two famous marriages and divorces, but what about marrying for the third time?

The Indianapolis Star.

There was a sharp increase in new COVID-19 cases on Monday.

A food shortage this year led to a tax on ingredients in some snacks, which are usually given to children on the Kims' birthdays.

I would be able to do this whole bill. "Don't pass it," Musk said at the Wall Street Journal's CEO Council.

She was confused when the school fired her. They pointed to the photo when she asked for an explanation.

This is the latest development in a disturbing trend. The post Woman uncovers alleged stalking tactic increasing in popularity appeared first on In The Know.

I never knew that the stones were so bad.

"Y'all broke me..." I don't know what to say.

This single mom was very happy when she got her dream house.

James Kyle Bell was sentenced to 46 months in prison on Monday for his involvement in two schemes. You can subscribe for free on online platforms.

The Air Force secretary asked why they were doing it if it didn't threaten China.

There were 28,000 Georgians who didn't vote in the presidential election, but still skipped the ballot.

When they're young, there are some awesome animals.

At the debate, he told his son to be careful. The cameras love to catch family members making poor expressions. No expressions. None.

After filing for divorce, the actress is trying to stay strong for her kids during the holidays.

In "The Chief's Chief," he wrote that he was positive for the virus two days after the election.