CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely over role in advising governor brother Andrew during harassment scandal

Chris Cuomo was in New York City.

Chris Cuomo was suspended by CNN on Tuesday after it was revealed that he was more involved in damage control for his brother Andrew Cuomo during the sexual harassment scandal.

The transcripts and exhibits released by the New York Attorney General on Monday shed new light on Chris Cuomo's involvement in his brother's defense and raised serious questions for the network, which had not known about the extent, according to a CNN spokeswoman.

Chris broke our rules when he admitted to us that he had offered advice to his brother's staff.

He understood his need to put family first and his job second and we appreciated that. The documents show a greater level of involvement in his brother's work. Chris was suspended indefinitely pending further evaluation.

Charlotte Bennett, a former aide to Andrew Cuomo, demanded that CNN fire Chris Cuomo.

Bennett said that Chris Cuomo tried to destroy her and other women who had accused her brother of sexual harassment.

Bennett said his behavior is reprehensible, unprofessional and inexcusable, and that firing Chris Cuomo would reflect a network lacking morals and a backbone.

Will CNN stand by journalistic integrity or will it simply excuse his actions?

James, who commissioned an investigation of Andrew Cuomo earlier this year after a number of women accused him of sexual, released documents related to Chris Cuomo, who counseled his brother and the governor's staff about how to deal with the rising number of claims.

Andrew Cuomo resigned in August after James released the damning findings of the investigation. Andrew had been accused of harasment by at least 11 women.

Chris Cuomo told investigators that he didn't try to find any information to insult the accusers of his brother nor did he know of any opposition research being done by the governor's staff.

Chris Cuomo forwarded a message to his brother's advisors that references a complaint from a college that involved Bennett.

The documents show that Chris Cuomo sent a message to his aide, saying he had a lead on the wedding girl.

Bennett wrote on Tuesday, "We learned how far Chris Cuomo was willing to go to destroy women like me who came forward to report Governor Cuomo's sexual misconduct."

He scoured the internet for personal information about me and reached out to his professional network with the hope of intercepting additional allegations against his brother.

She wrote that CNN must act immediately.

Chris Cuomo claimed in an interview with investigators that he would never do research on anyone who made such a claim. I don't work in the oppo research business.

Chris Cuomo doesn't tolerate a lot of oppo research.

I was never aware of anything like what you were suggesting, nor did I ever suggest, nor would I tolerate anything like that.

Chris Cuomo said in an interview that he didn't recall receiving a complaint about Hamilton College, the school that Bennett attended.

A witness questioned in the probe was asked about a text message that Chris Cuomo sent to Charlotte Bennett when she was at college.

Smith, who was Andrew Cuomo's spokeswoman when he ran for re-election in 2018, and who was advising the governor's team how to deal with the sexual harassment claims earlier this year, said that it looks like he's sending a message.

The investigator asked Smith if he could see the [redacted] against [redacted] that involves Charlotte Bennett.

Smith later said that they did not remember Chris Cuomo being involved in any discussions about that.

Chris Cuomo told investigators that he tapped people for information. He said he talked to those sources about the news.

Cuomo told investigators that he would reach out to sources if he was asked.

The ratings for Cuomo's nightly show, "Cuomo Prime Time," fell to a low point recently.

CNN announced earlier this month that the show averaged over one million viewers in the month of February. Cuomo's program had hit an all-time low in ratings, according to The Wrap.