17 Best Black Friday Deals on Subscription Boxes (2021): Meal Kits, VPNs, Kids Boxes, Etc

It's the season and you should gift yourself something that will keep giving month after month. We have deals on security services to keep you safe online, activity boxes to keep your kids occupied with fun activities, and food boxes to keep your belly full and happy. Hey, notice the theme? It's all for peace of mind. There is a badly needed theme to close out 2021.

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We have added several new deals, including meal kits and tea subscription services.

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The internet is full of people who want to steal your passwords and credit card numbers. The jig is up if you use the Best Password Managers and Best VPNs.


Senior product reviewer Scott Gilbertson gave NordVPN one of his highest recommendations in his guide to the Best VPNs Services, due to its swift performance and transparent business practices. The catch? You have to pay up-front for a two-year plan to get the big discount. It's not much more than the $59 sale price for a one-year plan.

The free version doesn't allow sync and only ties to one device. If you have a couple of devices, you should upgrade to the $24-per-year deal so that you're never without your passwords, whether you're at your computer, on your phone, or out and about.

One of our favorite TV streaming services is Hulu, which has a wide variety of television shows and movies. If you haven't been subscribed to Hulu in the past month, you can return for this buck-a-month deal. You will have to put up advertisements during most shows. That's what bathroom breaks and refrigerator runs are for.

Senior product reviewer Scott Gilbertson has ever tested Surfshark and found it to have some of the fastest VPN speeds. Its claims of not logging customers' data are relatively new, but it did pass an audit recently, which is a good sign.

The internet of 2021, sometimes, feels like the internet of 2001. Advertisers and scam artists have gotten good at avoiding the built-in browser and operating system features that block pop-ups and embedded ads. AdGuard is an ad-blocker that lets you blacklist and whitelist individual sites.

An RSS reader is like a golden retriever who goes out to your lawn to get your daily news, but the internet is a lot bigger and an RSS reader can fetch a lot of news. Inoreader Pro was named the best overall in our guide to RSS readers due to its depth and ease-of-use. It's simple and deep enough for beginners and casual users.

You can drink deals.

We've got you covered with guides to the Best Coffee Subscriptions, Best Espresso Machines, and Best Tea-making accessories.


Scott Gilbertson's favorite coffee subscription service is this one because of Trade's enormous and constantly rotating variety of roasters from across the US. If you don't like your first bag, Trade will replace it for free. I took advantage of it myself, and every bag I've had since then has been perfect.
Once you know which teas you like, Free Your Tea will ask you about your preferences and give you samples to try. You will get 50 percent more tea each month if you sign up for a six- or 12-month subscription. If you want to keep away from the jitters, you can specify that you want exclusively caffeine-free teas.

Enter Blackfriday at the checkout.

Tea Runners is a relative newcomer, but they have built up a large collection of loose-leaf teas. Tasting notes and instructions are included in each box of sample teas, which are good for 40 cups of tea. You can choose between a black-tea-only box or an herbal-tea-only box.

Gilbertson says that Atlas is an exploratory experience for those interested in single-origin beans. Each shipment from Atlas dives deep into a single country and gives you background context on the beans and tips for making the best brew from them. If you're a new customer, you can get a free bag or two bags for your first shipment for $13.

This is for a coffee lover. Twenty percent of the profits go to animal shelters. 800 meals for dogs in shelters can be provided if you stick out a weekly subscription for a year. They had some of our favorite dark roast blends.

You can eat deals.

Few people like to eat the same thing day after day. Variety is the spice of life, they say, so make your life more interesting with our guides to the Best Snack Boxes and Best Kit Meal Subscriptions.

The Daily Harvest.

Blue Apron is the best meal kit for most people because of its easy to follow recipes, good quality of ingredients, and wide range of diet options, according to product reviewer and writer Louryn Strampe. The lowest price per serving is $7.49.

Checkout at Checkout.

There are tons of Japanese themed snack boxes out there, but Louryn Strampe wanted to make sure that each box's theme was centered around a unique region of Japan, such as a cherry blossom box or one featuring the foods of Osaka.

Checkout at the time of entry.

You can get the second box free if you buy a nine, 14 or 24 item box. There are many filters for lifestyle options. Daily Harvest is the best meal kit for solo snackers because they're given as single-product serving.

Enter NOV110OFF at the checkout.

Home Chef is the best meal kit subscription for beginners because of its directions and tips throughout the cooking process, such as reminding you not to clean a pan that will later be used for a sauce. There is an option to only cook meals that take less than 30 minutes. The lowest price per serving isn't cheap like Blue Apron.

Enter HOLIDAY2021 at the checkout.

The produce is delicious and healthy. It ends up in the trash more often than produce. People who know beauty is more than skin-deep will buy fruit and vegetables from the market. They've branched out beyond produce as well. If you're cooking for a few people, choose the bigger box. You want to make sure you get enough vegetables and fruit to make a side dish or snack.

There are deals for your pets.

Don't worry, if you can't bear the thought of living without a friend, you can. There are lots of guides at WIRED, such as Best Pet Supplies and Tips for Newly Adopted Dogs and Cats, Best Cat toys and Supplies, and Best essentials for your dog.
There is a photograph of a box.

You need to sign up for a subscription plan to get this offer. A Charlie Brown Christmas or Home Alone box includes two bags of all-natural treats, two toys, and a chew, and is the center of every box.

Enter FURIDAY20 at the checkout.

Every monthly or bimonthly themed box includes a mix of toys and treats, and for every box sold, Meowbox donates food to a shelter. It was our favorite subscription box for cats because of the mix of quality toys and altruism.

Go to Checkout and enter GreenthuMB.

Plants are animals. You feed them, give them water, have to cure their illnesses, and sometimes get your hands dirty and smelly while taking care of them. Every month, you'll receive a new plant in a six-inch clay pot, along with instructions on how to keep them alive. As you grow out of being a beginner plant parent, the plants get more difficult. If you don't want to receive plants that are toxic to cats and dogs, you can specify pet-friendly plants.

There are subscription boxes for kids.

The heavy decision making should be left to a company. The Best Kids' Subscription Boxes and non-kid-specific Subscription Boxes arrive every month.

The photo is of the Kiwi Co.

At Checkout, enter early.

Each crate has a collection of gifts centered around a theme and is suitable for a range of ages from toddlers to teenagers. You can pick from a variety of interests, such as robots and music, if you prefer. You can purchase three months for $45, six months for $90, and a year for $180, all for 15 a month.

Enter at Checkout.

Many of the boxes contain a mix of physical objects and apps that are free of advertisements and in-app purchases. The Sago Mini Box is the best subscription box for young children, according to senior associate reviews editor.

Enter HOLLY40 at the checkout.

The box is heavy on arts and crafts. You can get 40 percent off your first subscription box if you are a new customer. If you choose a month-to-month plan, the box will be only $18. If you choose to prepay for three or more months, We Craft Box will give you a free mystery box.

Enter grateful at the checkout.

This is the box for people who love learning about different cultures. You can choose the World Edition box for kids. Each month, the themed box will focus on one country and teach your child a variety of topics about that country, from holidays to food. You can choose from boxes about various US states, science, math, and engineering for children three to 12 years old.

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