6 Genuinely Good Summer Beauty Looks Under $30


I’ve had 29 years to nail down my personal style, and the one thing I’ve learned is that it doesn’t fit into one specific box. I mean, I know what I like: lots of jewelry, a good pair of jeans, vintage tees, a fun pair of shoes… Shall I go on? ( Just kidding; I’ll spare you.) I tend to stock my closet with those staples, but I’ve gotta have other things on my rack for the days I wake up feeling more girly or more edgy.

The same is true for my makeup routine-I’m a less-is-more kinda girl, meaning I usually stick to my tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a subtle wash of color on my lids . But now that a new season has arrived, I thought it made sense to have a few other options in my back pocket, so I enlisted makeup artist Zaheer Sukhnandan to come up with a few unique looks to inspire me on the days I want to make more of a statement. (PS, best of all each look is under $30!)

If you’re a less-is-more kinda of person ( or if you simply want to ease into color), this one’s for you. The fact that Sukhnandan created a look that can be done in less than five minutes and have you looking this pulled-together and on-trend is truly a godsend. Clean skin, nude lips, and a fresh pop of green to the inner corner of eyes is the summer look that’ll get people to turn their heads, and I’m totally here for that. Pro tip: “Use a white concealer to apply a base on the inner corners for the shadow to sit on; it’ll really help the color pop and last longer,” says Sukhnandan.

Call me cliché, but anything having to do with the French and their beauty routines really gets me going. So yes, I’m totally drawn to this perfectly Parisian look. From the hair to the subtle shadow to the lashes and rich berry lips done in a way that just screams I had a hot makeout sesh, i t’s the ultimate date-night look. All you need to do, Sukhnandan says, is dab the lipstick onto the center of your lips and blend and soften the edges with a small blending brush: “Blending the lipstick past your lip line is a great way to cheat your lip shape and add volume without it looking too harsh or overdrawn.” To add more depth, pat a little black eye shadow onto the center of your lips and blend outward.