It Took a Month to Build This Amazing Treetop Hot Wheels Track

The internet has brought us many things, but one of them is seeing people take their favorite toys to the extreme. It is time to hang your head in shame if you thought the Hot Wheels track you built as a kid was impressive.

The creators of the course explain on the internet that they did not use a single screw or nail to attach the structure to the tree. It was tied on so that it would be easy to remove when the fun was over.

It took two weeks to design the layout of the treetop track, and another two weeks to put it all together, according to the people behind the Backyard Racing channel. There are jumps, full loops, tunnels, and countless boosters that keep the Hot Wheels car on the track when gravity power goes out.

The drill-powered gondola lift that takes Hot Wheels cars from the bottom of the track to the highest point in the park is the most impressive feature. It is possible to use a Lego minifigure at the controls to turn the whole track into a Hot Wheels roller coaster, but it also means that no one has to climb a ladder every time they want to launch a car.


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