GoFundMe pulls page aimed at raising $5 million bail for Waukesha Christmas parade suspect

The court commissioner set the bail at $5 million for the man accused of driving an SUV through a crowd and killing five people. A prosecutor said a child had died after the incident.

The man accused of plowing his SUV into a Christmas parade in Wisconsin was in court on Tuesday. A sixth victim had died.

The New York Post reported that Darrell E.Brooks wrote a song three years ago that said in part, "fuck Donald Trump."

Rittenhouse drew the ire of the QAnon sphere when he said he fired his lawyer because of his beliefs.

She was wondering if it was a good idea when she told her husband to get into bed with a young woman.

The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

She is also trying to get custody of her husband's children.

Since the 1970s, the Bidens have spent most Thanksgivings on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket.

The Italian government said Thursday that National Geographic magazine's famed green-eyed "Afghan Girl" has arrived in Italy as part of the West's removal of Afghans following the Taliban takeover of the country. The office of the premier said that Italy helped Sharbat to leave the country. She will be helped by the Italian government to integrate into life in Italy.

There were early signs that the U.S. may have avoided another winter surge. Experts are concerned.

"Don't come up at me with this stuff," says the anchor.

United and Alaska Airlines have pledged to have net zero carbon emissions. Dianaett Rakow, senior vice president of sustainable at Alaska Airlines, said in an interview with ABC News that "Sustainability is a place that we all realize we have to scale." "We are focused on things that can help us accelerate our path to net zero carbon emissions and that we could see viable in our operation in the next three, five, 10 years."

If you took a sample of my skin, it would come back as parmesan cheese. This is my love letter to Italy. Alex Young was involved in the House of Gucci Method acting.

Lane Kiffin responded to Nick Saban's rant about Alabama football fans.

Chris Hilgert, John's father, said that the pain should never be felt by anyone.

Engineers and scientists at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California are working on a project that will send a spaceship to another world next year. The other world is made of metal and may give a glimpse of how a planet with a metal core was formed. The first space exploration to explore an object in space that is not made of rock or ice will be done by a small, dark-colored, spaceship.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Local businesses and individuals are selling items to support the community.

Paul admits that there are two things that could change his mind, but he is content with his decision to retire.

The "Fire Nagy" chants continued at Wintrust Arena.

A New York state man who pleaded guilty to raping several teen girls when he was also a teenager won't be spending any time in jail.

A pregnant woman in Florida died after a heated and violent interaction with a motorcyclist. According to the Orange City Police Department, Sara Nicole Morales hit a motorcyclist with her car and then drove away. The police said that she was driven to her by Morales.


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