Will Smith says Venus and Serena Williams watching 'King Richard' was 'the worst 2 hours of my life'

Emily's sister, Felicity, met Tucci at her sister's wedding.

Time seemed to stand still for the film's producers Tim and Trevor White, who helped catapult the sisters to tennis super-stardom, when they first watched "King Richard." The brothers co-founded the production company.

In October 2012 the singer joined the social networking site, but it wasn't until late last year that she started getting a lot of attention.

Turkeys are some of the most gentle animals in the world. 46 million of them are killed on Thanksgiving.

She was wondering if it was a good idea when she told her husband to get into bed with a young woman.

The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

She is also trying to get custody of her husband's children.

The bond for a 39-year-old repeat criminal accused of brutally beating his girlfriend, then running over her with an SUV, was set at only $1,000 by prosecutors in the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office. Police said that the man, Darrell E.Brooks Jr., rammed his maroon Ford Escape through the barricades of the criminal court after making that call.

"He called," Trump said. He wanted to know if he could come over and say hello.

The guns that Brian Laundrie's parents surrendered were only one that was missing when he vanished.

Rittenhouse told Tucker Carlson that he was impressed by Trump.

The last step before he could play basketball was the physical exam, which was the last step before he could play. "After a month of testing, we found out that I had a heart problem," he said. After starring in an NCAA championship run at Baylor University and playing in the NBA for the Utah Jazz, it's time for a new chapter in his life.

The Italian government said Thursday that National Geographic magazine's famed green-eyed "Afghan Girl" has arrived in Italy as part of the West's removal of Afghans following the Taliban takeover of the country. The office of the premier said that Italy helped Sharbat to leave the country. She will be helped by the Italian government to integrate into life in Italy.

Matthew Judon, a member of the New England Pats, wants macaroni and cheese removed from Thanksgiving tables.

The KRON4 security guard was shot in an attempted robbery while the crew was covering a break-in at an Oakland store.

Oscar Rodriguez was in tears as the star gave him a gift.

The Donda rapper spoke candidly about his family during a visit to Los Angeles on Thanksgiving Eve.

Read on to find out why this is so important.

Dave Chappelle has not been affected by the cancellation culture.

The doctor of President Joe Biden said in a memo that the polyp that was removed from his colon was benign, but potentially pre-cancerous. The specimen was similar to one removed from Biden in 2008, according to a memo released by the White House. He wrote that a recommendation was made for a routine colonoscopy in seven to 10 years.

Wendy Williams is ending her talk show reign due to her health struggles. The Wendy Williams is said to be said by anonymous insiders.


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