JPMorgan Is Said to Weigh Deal With Greek Fintech Viva Wallet


Electric Flying Taxi Routes in Paris are ready for the Olympics.

Paris plans to have electric flying taxis in time for the Olympics.

The company is fighting on the top of the penalty.


Ireland will pay $245 million in backdated tax.

Ireland agrees to pay over 200 million in backdated tax.

Farfetch taps U.K.'s Clipper Logistics for Supply Chain Tie-...

The article is titled "Supply chain tie-up" and it was published on the 25th of November.

Commercial robotaxi licenses are available in Beijing.

There are licenses for commercial robotaxis inbeijing.

A wave of EV IPOs will hit the market in the next few years.

The bank of America expects a 100 billion wave ofipos inev space.

ByteDance is looking for capital for China.

bytedance is seeking capital to build China.

Theranos Mismanagement was blamed by Holmes.

holmes apologized tobalwani for theranos-mismanagement

Chicken can be made soft as butter in a cooker.

Foragingjapan a cooker that makes chicken soft as butter is an article.

Soccer fans say they lost Manchester City.

Soccer fans are using a mount to say they lost Manchester City.


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