How to delete your Instagram account

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If you have decided to remove your account because you have outgrown the need for a certain finsta or because the company Meta is courting controversy again, it will take more time than it should. It can not be done within the app.

If you would like, you can make a compulsory "I'm leaving my account" post and follow it with either a computer or phone, as long as you're using a browser.

To remove an account from the photo sharing service, you need to go to the special account removal request page, or follow the link in the deletion help article. Most people won't be able to enter your credentials if you're not already a member. It is likely that you will have to put in your password twice during the deletion process, so now is a good time to make sure you know what it is.

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You will be shown what account you are about to take away, and you will be asked why.

You should end up on a page with the old logo and a question about why you want to leave. Depending on which option you choose, you may be shown links to the help center or a message reminding you to check your account.
There is a box below the links that will ask you to reenter your password. You can confirm that you are sure by tapping or clicking the button that says "Delete (your name) account."

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After entering your password, you will get a confirmation pop-up.

Meta will keep your data around for 30 days after your account is deleted. Your profile and posts will be hidden on the site.

If you are breaking up with your partner, you should remove the app from your phone as well. Doing so will save you a little space and will also make you uneasy when you sign up for the service again.

You can un-delete your account.

If it has been more than 30 days since you asked for it to be deleted, you won't be able to bring your account back. After your account is deleted, you will have to recreate it, but it is possible someone could have taken it.

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You can restore your account by logging back in.

You can get your account back if you are within 30 days. Simply log in with your credentials, and you will be able to do so. You will see a message saying that your account will be deleted along with a date. Press the "Keep Account" button to keep it from happening.

It was temporarily suspending your account.

You can suspend your account if you want to remove your account from public view but not permanently remove all your photos and messages.

You can access the screen to suspend your account through a web browser.

You won't have to get a link from a help article if you use the web version of the app.

If you are using a mobile browser, you will have to tap the settings to get the option to edit your profile.
If you go to the "Edit Profile" section, you can choose to temporarily disabling my account. You have to choose a reason why you are suspending your account, and put in your password.

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The screen says "temporarily disabling account"

Simply log in to the app or website to re-enable your account. If you accidentally log back into your account, your posts will be visible to your followers for a little while, but you will only be able to suspend your account once a week.