Steph Curry is pretty good at shooting 3-pointers

Officially, Stephen Curry is still second on the NBA's all time list for 3-pointers made. Friday night in San Francisco saw the unofficial record holder become the greatest shooter we have ever seen. That's a great excuse to look at his numbers.


Curry's 3,358 career treys combined with the playoffs have surpassed Ray Allen. Curry will soon surpass Ray Allen's record of 3,358 career treys.

Curry is not the only one who has a competitive edge in the playoffs. He's played 112 games there, while Allen has had 171. (Curry is the all time playoff triples leader, followed closely by LeBron James, and then Allen). Allen, who played until he turned 38, has 326 more regular season games. It's not a slight on Allen, a Hall of Famer and two-time champion who was also a member of the NBA 75th anniversary team. Curry reached this milestone while on his way to the true record. Curry is a special player.

Curry won't hold the 3-point record for a decade, but James Harden is just a few years younger than Curry and has a lot more downtown deliveries than Curry. Curry's average of 3.0 made 3s per regular season game tells the whole story. This is a far cry from Curry's 39-point performance against the Bulls, which was a 119-93 win for Golden State. Only Buddy Hield (3.0), Damian Lillard (3.0) and Duncan Robinson (3.3) are the other players who average three per game. Harden is at 2.8. Klay Thompson is at 2.9.

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Allen is 16th with 2.3 games per game. Peja Stjakovic and Allen are the only active players in the top 30, with 2.3 per game. Curry's influence has made the game so different that 76 of 100 top threes-per-game players are currently playing or recovering from injuries, or are Kyrie and Peja Stjakovic.

Curry is unquestionably the king of the shot that launched thousands more shots. Curry received his scepter Friday night, and he will soon be the heir to the crown.


The Wiz is the best!

The Wizards' loss to Golden State means that they now have an 8-3 record, percentage points better than the Nets following Brooklyn's win in New Orleans.


Although it's November, Washington is still at the top of the East standings. This was before 1978-79 when Washington was the No. The Spurs were the 2nd team in the conference, while the New Orleans Jazz was last. Meanwhile, in the Western Conference the Midwest Division was won over by the Kansas City Kings.