iOS 15.2 Beta: How to Use Find My to Locate Items That Can Track You

Apple has added new features to the Find My app in iOS 15.2, currently available in beta. This includes the ability to search for items that could be used to track you location.

The "Items that Can Track Me" feature, which is new to Unknown Items, will activate and scan the area for items that belong to another person and notify you.

Apple will notify you if anything is detected (e.g. an AirTag or any other Find My-enabled object), and provide details about the item as well as instructions for disabling it to stop it from being used for tracking purposes.

These steps will show you how to activate this feature in iOS 15.2. You should note that items cannot be found if they are beyond 50 meters of the owner's device.

Open the Find My app for your iPhone. Tap the Items tab at bottom of screen. To reveal more options, drag the items card higher up onto the screen with the small pill-shaped handle. Tap Items that can track me.

Click the Search button. Check out the "Items Detected near You" list. Tap the device to get more information if it is found.

To locate an AirTag, tap Play Sound. To find out if the owner has provided contact information in case of loss, tap Learn More About This AirTag. To disable the AirTag so it can't track you, tap Instructions for Disable AirTag. Follow the steps to remove the battery.

AirTags and items that integrate with Find My integration can be used to track lost devices. However, there are concerns that AirTags could be planted on individuals for stalking purposes. Apple has taken several safety precautions to prevent people from being stalked by AirTags or other devices.

AirTags can play a sound for between 8 and 24 hours after they are separated from their owner. iPhone users will be notified if an AirTag is travelling with them. Apple is working on an Android app to detect unknown AirTags or Find My Network-enabled items. This will prevent AirTags being used to stalk Android users.