iOS 15.2 Beta: How to Use the Hide My Email Feature in the Mail App

You can use iOS 15's Hide My Email feature to create unique email addresses that will forward to your inbox. Hide My Mail is now available in iOS 15.2, which you can access directly from the Mail app.

Hide My Email allows you to receive all emails sent to an Apple-created email address. You can reply if necessary, but the recipient does not see your actual email address.

This is particularly useful if your business is likely share your email address to ad agencies and other third-parties for their marketing purposes. You can give them a fake address so that you can easily delete any unwelcome emails.

This is how it works in iOS 15.2 with the Mail app.

Open the Mail app for your iPhone or iPad. To compose a message, tap the New Message icon at the bottom-right corner on the main Mail screen.

Complete the To: field. Next, tap on the Cc/Bc field, From: to collapse it, and then click From again. Scroll down to the bottom of this list and click Hide My Email.

Now, compose your email as usual and send it.

You can also use random email addresses as a paid iCloud+ subscription when you are asked for your email address to be entered on a website. Simply select the Hide My email option from the screen.

Hide My Email also allows you to deactivate, delete or modify addresses and your forwarding address at any time. For more information, please refer to the following links.