Gmail’s upcoming iOS widget could actually be useful

Google has announced that it will update the Gmail iOS widget to show you the subject and senders of all the emails in your inbox. According to the company, the new widget will "launch in the next few weeks" and replace the old version which wasn't well-received. 9to5Google also points out that this means Gmail's iOS widget has the same functionality and features as the Android one.
We pointed out the limitations of the Gmail widget's first release. It only gives shortcuts to other screens in the app, such as your email composer and your inbox. It doesn't give you any information about the emails that you have received. However, it will tell you how many remain unread in your inbox.

Apple's restrictions were partly responsible for the widget's inability to function. Your widget cannot be interacted with, and any taps the user makes must be done by the app. These rules haven’t been significantly changed since the original widget was introduced. However, the new design shows there’s still plenty of useful information. Although you won't be able archive an email from the home screen, you will be able at least to see what's in your inbox.

Google also announced some upcoming enhancements to its apps that may be of benefit to heavy users of its services. It's business-focused chat app Meet will now support iOS's picture in-picture feature. This allows you to see your coworkers and the presentation even when you switch between apps to view a file or an email. Google has also announced that it will expand the keyboard shortcuts for users who use Google Sheets using an external keyboard (including Apple Magic Keyboard).