Lawyer for Dalvin Cook says Minnesota Vikings running back was the one assaulted in 2020 incident

According to a Tuesday lawsuit, Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings running back, allegedly assaulted his former girlfriend and caused a concussion during an incident at the home of his last year.
According to the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, Cook was accused of assault, battery, and false imprisonment.

Dave Valentini, Cook's lawyer, stated that the woman assaulted his client after she illegally entered his home. He also said in Tuesday night's statement that she tried to extort him out of millions of dollars.

Tuesday night's statement by the Vikings stated that they received notification from Dalvin cook's legal representative about a situation between Dalvin and a female friend in November 2020, which led to ongoing disputes between the parties. We immediately notified the NFL after learning about this. We are currently gathering additional information and will not comment further at this point.

The league also stated that it had been notified of the matter by the Vikings and declined further comment.

Gracelyn Trimble, a U.S. Army sergeant, was the woman who flew to Minnesota to get Cook's belongings.

According to the Star Tribune, she claimed Cook had given her a "concussion", left a scar on her face, and taken her through hell. The suit claims that she used Mace to him before running into his bedroom and grabbing his gun. He then called a friend, which led to her running back to attack her with the broomstick.

After receiving treatment, she reported to Florida medical staff that she was in an ATV accident.

Valentini however stated Tuesday in his statement that the woman had allegedly used a garage door opener stolen from him to enter his house illegally. He then said that she attacked Cook and another guest at his residence using Mace. Cook was forced to stay at the residence for hours at gunpoint by Cook.

Cook's lawyer claimed that Trimble had been trying to extort money ever since.

The incident was not investigated by police and no criminal charges were brought against the victim.