Google Maps on iOS now has a dark mode, here’s how to enable it

Google's iOS Maps app was set to get a dark mode in August. Although the feature was fully implemented in September, many Verge staff didn't notice its arrival until we began receiving in-app notifications. Here's how you can enable the feature if you have been in the dark (sorry).
Tap your profile picture at the top of the screen from the main Google Maps interface for iOS. Select "Settings", then "Dark Mode" in the Using Maps section. There are three options available: Off, On and Same as Device Setting. This automatically turns the dark mode on/off depending on what you've enabled at OS level.

Grid View

Android users can access a similar feature earlier this year. However, the process to enable it is slightly different from iOS. You will need to tap on your profile picture and then click "Settings," then choose "Theme" and choose from the same options as iOS.

We think that Google Maps should use the same settings as your device to ensure that all of your apps match up. We won't tell you what to do. Follow your heart.