How to Give Your Email Engagement a Boost Ahead of the Holiday Season

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In the last year, many things have changed in email. Despite increased engagement since the pandemic, email marketers are now worried about Apple's recent privacy updates.

Apple's Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from tracking who opens their emails. This makes open rates ineffective. It can be confusing to not know how many people clicked on your subject line. Open rates aren't the only engagement metrics. Clicks and conversions are a better way to tell the story of your audience's needs.

It's time to look closely at your email engagement as the holiday season approaches. How many people have clicked through your content? How many people click through your content and then hit the buy button?

These numbers can be increased if they are low.

What makes a good email engagement?

Let's first look at what email engagement looks like in 2021. Although benchmarks vary, click rates in all industries range from 2 to 2.60 percent. Depending on the industry and how much effort was put into it, the average return of investment (ROI) is between $38 to $57.

No matter how your metrics are set up, you want to optimize your email results. Let's now look at some proven ways to increase email engagement.

Inactive subscribers may be more than inactive

Every email marketer must deal with inactive subscribers. This is why it is so crucial to address the issue. It is important to address it for two reasons:

Engagement is reduced when people don't respond to your emails. Inbox providers will notice a lack of response and send your emails to the junk folder.

Inactive subscribers might have deleted their email addresses. If they don't log in to their accounts within six months, these accounts could be disabled. They may also be resold by internet service providers or blacklist providers to turn them into spam traps.

You can first try segmenting and re-engaging these dormant subscribers by offering a compelling offer. No matter what your method, you should remove any subscribers who have not shown signs of life for at least six months. They are not only a loss cause but also pose a risk to your deliveryability.

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Spam complaints and invalid emails keep you from getting to the inbox

Not only are inactive contacts bad for your engagement, but so is your email list. You may have a variety of potentially dangerous email addresses in your email list. It is best to remove them before you start holiday campaigns.

Let's say you send invalid emails. They can damage your reputation as a sender and inbox providers may consider you spammer. Spam complaints are not only a nuisance, they're also a signal to inbox providers. Your messages could be sent to spam if there is more than one complaint per 1,000 emails.

Regular list cleaning is essential for any marketer or business owner who wants to increase email engagement. It is a smart idea to regularly clean your email list after you have validated it in bulk.

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It's not too late for you to evaluate the quality of your content

After you have double-checked your email list, it is time to look at your content. Is it compelling enough people to click through to your landing pages? Which type of content attracts the most attention?

Find the commonalities between your most successful campaigns and newsletters. These are some of the factors that will help you determine why these emails produce the best results.

Topics: Does this email address a common problem that many people face?

These emails address a common problem that many people face? Subject lines: Are they shorter or longer than others? Did you also use preview text?

Are they shorter or more extensive than others? Did you also use preview text? Design: Did these emails contain images or plain text?

Are these emails written in plain text or images? Content length: How long is your longest successful email?

These questions will help you to replicate the most popular emails of your audience. This will not only increase engagement over the holidays, but it will also help you build a longer-lasting list that is more active and loyal.

Here are some bonus tips

These things will help you get ahead in the next few weeks. What can you do to grab your subscribers' attention? These are some additional tips:

It's quick and easy to unsubscribe. Make sure your email templates have an "Unsubscribe" button that is easily visible so people can unsubscribe at any time.

Before you send your emails, make sure they are delivered. You can see whether your email will be delivered to the inbox or spam with today's technology.

Segment your list to target the best and most relevant content. Automate your follow-up.

Increase the number and quality of your holiday emails. There will be many companies competing for attention. You can make your offer stand out by repeating it several times.

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