Joe Manchin's Maserati Surrounded by Protesters Who Want a Liveable Planet After Joe Manchin and His Maserati Are Dead

Joe Manchin, a West Virginia senator, was seen driving his silver Maserati through angry climate protestors. This is yet another in a long-running feud between politicians and non-corporate America.

After following the senator from his yacht or houseboat, which ever you want to call it, youth climate activists from Sunrise Movement, a grass-roots organization dedicated to combating climate change, stormed into the Washington D.C. garage where Manchins' car was parked.

Manchin, who is ostensibly a Democrat has been in a lot shit with climate community lately. He is the biggest obstacle to any kind of moderately progressive environment policy being included in Joe Bidens Build Back Betterthe current infrastructure bill being negotiated by Congress.

Manchin, the chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee and founder of West Virginia's coal company, has apparently sought to veto any policies that could harm the state's energy industry and his chances of being re-elected. This has largely meant that Manchin has resisted the inclusion of climate activists' demands on the President's agenda, including those relating to cutting methane or the Clean Energy Performance Program. These provisions would aim to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next ten years. Manchin and fellow Democrat obstructionist Kirsten Silena, both denim-wearing, have helped to keep negotiations on Biden's infrastructure bill in a halt, threatening democrats once in a decade opportunity to pass major political reforms.

The TikTok video of Thursday's confrontation shows Manchin being yelled at by protesters as they block his car's path. One protester yells, "PASS CLIMATE CHange Bills!" as Manchin sits on his gas-guzzling luxury car. Others can be seen waving signs at senators, while others are seen standing on the cars hood.

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The protestors gave up on their aspirational messages and just started shouting Fuck Joe Manchin. This sentiment was repeated until the car that was a lustrous Italian sportscar disappeared from view. This episode can be enjoyed as a whole.


Manchins tone deafness isn't new. This is not the first time. A similar gaggle was present on the senator's part a month ago. He made a funny speech about income inequality from the deck of his yacht, which was appropriate. Suffice it to say, lacking some sort of epiphanic Ebenezer-Scrooge-on-Christmas-morning moment, Manchin probably isnt going to change his ways. He could hire a new PR company to ensure that activists don't keep coming after him while he plays in the trappings his luxurious lifestyle.

We reached out directly to the office of the president for comment and will update this story if we receive any response.