Google Home app gets new Photo Frame settings and possible Weather Frog display option

Google Home, Google's companion app for smart home products, has changed the way that users interact with photos via the app and Nest Hub devices. 9to5Google was the first to notice the changes. They include a revamped Photo Frame settings page.
You can now use Google Home to modify the album displayed while your Nest Hub idles. This will display a carousel-style interface that allows you to select from curated groups of photos. These include Select family & friends and Recent highlights. Favorites, 9to5Google report, and Favorites. You'll see all albums you have created by scrolling past this.

At the bottom of this page is a preview window. You can scroll through the preview carousel and see how your photos will look on your Nest Hub. 9to5Google notes that while the time and weather can be seen at the bottom of the preview window for iOS, only the photo will appear on Android.

9to5Google reports that the Nest Hub will be receiving a new clock face option, which includes the beloved Weather Frog. The character, also known as Froggy was first made available to the Nest Hub as an option for displaying the time and showing the current weather conditions.

9to5Google discovered a new option under the Photo Frame menu called Google Weather Frog. Its description on the app suggests that you will be able display Froggy alongside weather conditions or your photos. It is unclear how Froggy will interact with your photos after it has been officially released.