Any account can share links on Instagram Stories now

It's finally here: Anyone can now add links to their Instagram Stories. It's serious.
Instagram announced Wednesday that anyone can add links to their Stories. This was previously only available to verified accounts and users with more than 10,000 followers. Instagram now allows anyone to use this feature.

The company released a press release saying that link sharing was beneficial in many ways, including organizing and educating about equity, social justice and mental well-being, as well as showcasing new product drops for customers.

It's as simple as creating a poll or adding music to your stories.

This is how to add links to your Instagram Story.

1. Your story is yours!

Upload your photo or content to your story.

2. Choose the sticker tool

When you are happy with how your content looks click the sticker button from the top navigation bar. You'll be able to add a name, a mention or a question. There's also an option to add a hyperlink.

3. Tap the "Link” sticker

You can now add any link you wish! When you are satisfied, tap "Done", and then place the sticker anywhere you like on your story.

Credit to Mashable

Instagram released a press release stating that you can tap on the sticker and see different color options. Instagram is currently working to improve the customization of the sticker to make it easier for users to tap the link.

Instagram stated that they will work with the company to make sure that no accounts share any harmful content via the link sticker. This includes hate speech and misinformation.

This is a very difficult time for Instagram and Facebook. Multiple whistleblowers from the company have released internal documents that reveal how the company prioritizes profit over the well-being of its users in the last few weeks.