7 seemingly 'stupid' ideas that turned into successful businesses

This article was translated using AI technology from the Spanish edition. This process may cause errors. This article was last updated October 24, 2021
We have compiled a list of the most popular and intriguing ideas that made it big around the globe. Dare to take on!


Register your Internet name

You should consider a name for your website. There are companies that specialize in creating web names and selling them at much higher prices than the registration fees. It was a strange idea, but it worked. The new prices could make you millionaire.

Good luck bones

There are many superstitions in the world, so it is easy for someone to make fake good luck chicken bones and sell the 30,000 pieces he makes every day.

Rain is steady

It seems impossible to condense rain, but it is possible. This system is ideal for irrigation of soils that are subject to climate change. It works by using a granulated gel, which is nothing but processed rain after it has been collected. This system was created by a Mexican engineer.

Beauty Salon-Bar

A woman typically spends two hours per week at the beauty salon. This is why, in many countries around the world, the idea of complementing care with entertainment has been adopted. It allows women to fix their hair and nails while also having a great conversation before heading off to work.

Santa Claus Claus: Letters

It takes little more than an address at North Pole to provide the solution for parents desperate for help.

Advertising pixels for sale

One young man made a million selling pixels on a website. Each pixel was $ 10, and the minimum purchase required $ 100 to get a 10X10 square of pixels. This could include the logo or design of the company plus a click to the customer page.

Funerals for pets

Mexico has a funeral service that provides benefits to pets who have died. It is possible to perform a cremation or funeral.