The Beetlejuice Sequel Isn't Dead, But It Isn't Alive Either

Beetlejuice, Tim Burton's 1988 horror movie, is a favorite for this time of the year. It stars Michael Keaton as a wisecracking, raunchy bio-exorcist. While watching Beetlejuice 20th, 30th, or more times this Halloween, your thoughts may drift to a particular subject between Harry Belafonte singing-alongs.

Collider's Seth Grahame-Smith, scriptwriter (whose current project Disney+'s R.L.) spoke with Collider in a new interview. The Stine-inspired Just Beyond (he's also working on HBO Maxs Green Lantern series), offered what almost seems like an update. He hasn't spoken to Tim Burton in five years about Beetlejuice 2. This is a good reason why the film took so long to get off of the ground and may never be made. He said that there are ten million ways to make the sequel go wrong, and four ways to do it right. It's a fine needle to thread, and I definitely didn't manage to get it there on the script side. I didn't thread the needle. There were some cool things and some very interesting ideas. It was difficult for me to emotionally move on and I just said, "If it happens one day, it happens."

It sounds like Grahame-Smith will not be involved in Beetlejuice 2 going forward, but he expressed hope that someone could still make Keaton and Burton, who are currently in Hulus' new drama Dopesick and have Morbius, The Flash, and Morbius, interested by the story. It could be. It's possible. He said that Michael Keaton and Tim Burton are just as relevant today as they were yesterday. But, you need to get both those people excited about it to make it happen. He said that although I could not get there as a writer, maybe someone else can.

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