JAL Boeing 777 Suffers Engine Failure After Take Off

After taking off from Los Angeles International Airport in California, a JAL Japan Airlines Boeing 777-399 suffered an engine failure on 15 October.
According to AvHerald, the aircraft was 13 years old and registered JA740J. It was performing flight JL-15, Los Angeles, CA (USA), to Tokyo Haneda, Japan. The right-hand engine (GE90), was emitted flames streaks that prompted the crew to declare an emergency.

This is not something you see every day. Japan Airlines Flight 15, a Boeing 777-3300ER, experienced an engine problem on Friday as it left LAX. It circled again and safely landed back at LAX 45 minutes later. #JAL15 #JA740J #JL15 pic.twitter.com/lMggHOnWKR Glenn Beltz (@gb0n) October 16, 2021

Crew stopped the climb at 5000ft and asked to dump fuel near Santa Catalina island so they could return to Los Angeles. The aircraft safely returned to Los Angeles and landed on runway 25L just 45 minutes later.

Japan AL Boeing 777-335 (JA740J), built in 2008, experienced failure of its right engine shortly after taking off from runway 25R at Los Angeles (KLAX), CA. Smoke and flames were visible. Flight #JA15 to Tokyo-HND dumped fuel N of Santa Catalina and returned to land safely.https://t.co/McqXIuc5Zf pic.twitter.com/gjqAT5XU6O JACDEC (@JacdecNew) October 16, 2021

Cover photo by Glenn Beltz