McDonald’s is testing the McPlant, a Beyond Meat meatless burger

McDonald's is introducing a new plant-based burger called the McPlant in eight locations across the US (via CNBC). To make the meatless option, McDonald's partnered with Beyond Meat. This announcement comes just one year after McDonalds discontinued its P.L.T. Pilot, another Beyond Meat-branded burger.
The differences between the McPlant & the P.L.T. are still unknown, aside from the name. According to McDonald's website, the McPlant patty will include peas, potatoes, and mayonnaise. It will also come with pickles, tomatoes, onions, pickles and American cheese. This sounds very similar to the P.L.T. but we will not know the result until November 3rd when it goes through its testing. Important to note, the McPlant may not be categorized as vegan or vegetarian because it will be cooked on the same grill that beef burgers.

McDonalds briefly operated the P.L.T. Canada, 2019-2020. CNBC reported that McDonalds at the time said it did not plan to revive the burger. McDonald's must have noticed that something had changed. Perhaps it was the McPlant results in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Fast-food restaurants are increasingly offering meatless options. Burger King was the first to introduce the Impossible Whopper in 2019, and Subway followed suit in 2018. Subway introduced the Beyond Meatball Marinara in 2018, while KFC launched plant-based fried Chicken.

McPlant is a McPlant-inspired dish that will make your mouth water. It's available at McDonalds Irving, TX, Carrollton, TX, Cedar Falls, IA, Jennings LA, Lake Charles, LA, El Segundo CA, and Manhattan Beach, CA, while supplies last.