Firefox’s address bar has ads now, but you can disable them

Mozilla added a new suggestion search result feature to the Firefox address bar in the 93.0 version of its browser. Firefox Suggest is Mozilla's suggestion feature that helps you find relevant information and websites to help your goals. It's similar to the suggestions provided by other browsers. However, How-To Geek discovered that it also contains content from paid advertisers.
Firefox Suggest can use your search keywords and city location to generate contextual suggestions from Firefox or our partners. This is done while protecting your privacy, according to the support post. While the search suggestions are less intrusive than the standard search ads, the relevant suggestions from trusted partners will appear at the bottom. They will be pulled from your browser history, bookmarks, and open tabs.

Firefox Suggest does not require new data to be stored or shared in order to generate new recommendations. The company also only works with partners who meet Mozilla's privacy standards. This feature is also available since at least 92.0, although it was first mentioned in the current version release notes.

Firefox may prompt you to confirm that you have updated to the latest browser version. You can still disable any Firefox Suggest features that you have accidentally enabled without realizing.

Select Settings from the hamburger menu.

Scroll to Address Bar Firefox Suggestion and click on Privacy and Security from the sidebar.

To turn on or off contextual suggestions, select or deactivate the checkbox.

You can select or deactivate the checkbox to receive occasional sponsored suggestions

It is somewhat disappointing that you have to manage such a feature. Firefox is an alternative to Google Chrome. It's more secure with privacy settings and uses less data. Firefox Suggest is a great option if you trust Mozilla and are willing to support it. Mozilla has also tried advertising before. In 2018, Mozilla included paid advertiser links as well as Pocket article reading suggestions in new tabs.