How to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account

We all could use a little break from time to time, but we can all agree that it's okay. Sometimes it's just your extended family getting into political disputes. Sometimes it's your extended family having political arguments. Other times, it might be a random high school student trying to recruit you into a pyramid scheme. Maybe you are just annoyed at the way Facebook handled its latest scandal.
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Facebook is not for everyone. However, you don't have to close your Facebook account. No worries. It's possible to temporarily disable your Facebook account, without having it permanently deleted. Here's how.

1. 1.Go to "Settings & Privacy".

Use the menu icon at the bottom right to find your "Settings and Privacy". Credit: Screenshot by facebook

2. 2. Select "Settings".

3. 3.

Click "Personal & Account Information" in your "Account" settings Credit to: SCREENSHOT FACEBOOK

4. 4. Tap "Account Ownership & Control" at bottom

5. 5.

6. 6.

Check the information and ensure that you have selected Credit: SCREENSHOT FACEBOOK

7. Follow these instructions to confirm your selection, and your Facebook account is deactivated

Facebook says that you can deactivate an account by following these steps:

Your profile is private and cannot be viewed by anyone else.

Some information, such as messages that you have sent to friends may still be visible.

Your name may still be visible to your friends in their friend list. This information is visible only to your friends and not from their friends list.

Administrators of groups may still be able see your comments and posts, as well as your name.

Your Facebook account will not allow you to access Oculus products and information.

Pages that you only control will be removed. People can't find your Page or see it if your Page has been deactivated. You can deactivate your Page by giving it to someone else. The account can then be deactivated without the Page being deactivated.

Logging back into Facebook can activate your account to reactivate it. To activate your account, you will need to have access to the email address or phone number that you used to log in.