Chrissy Teigen Marked First Anniversary Of Losing Baby Jack With Heartbreaking Instagram Post

Chrissy Teigen marked the first anniversary after losing her third child with a heartbreaking Instagram photo.
Chrissy Legend and John Legend are parents to Luna, 5 and Miles, 3. They lost their third child last January after a series of complications during pregnancy that led to her being admitted to the hospital.

Chrissy posted the news on her Instagram account, Oct. 1, last year. She also stated that the couple had named the baby Jack.

Chrissy shared the following words with a series photos taken in hospital: "We are shocked"

She said that she was unable to stop bleeding or give fluids to her baby despite numerous blood transfusions. It just wasn't enough.

She said that Jack worked hard to be a member of our family and will continue to be so forever.

She continued, "We don't decide on the names of our babies until after they are born, right before we leave the hospital." "But for some reason, we started calling this little guy in our belly Jack. He will always be Jack to us."

Chrissy addressed criticisms she received in a follow-up essay on Medium about sharing photos of John and herself at the hospital.

Chrissy explained to John that she had instructed him to take the photos, even though he was reluctant at first.

John was hesitant to believe that I needed them. I told him that I didn't want to ask. He just had to do it. It was a horrible thing for him. She wrote that I could see.

He didn't understand it at the time. But I knew that I had to keep this moment in my heart forever. I needed to recall our kissing at the end, and I also needed to remember the joy we felt after Luna and Miles. She continued, "I knew this was a story I had to tell."

Chrissy said, "I can't express how much I care that the photos are offensive to you,"