Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving misses team media day due to NYC's COVID-19 proof-of-vaccine requirement

Kevin Durant doesn't worry about Kyrie Irving's availability to Brooklyn's home games this year, as per COVID-19 guidelines. (0:32).
BROOKLYN (N.Y.) -- Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Insigne did not attend Monday's team's media event at Barclays Center due to New York City's COVID-19 protocols.

Sources told ESPN that he is expected to travel to San Diego with the team on Monday, and to participate in the team’s training camp this week.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a directive last month requiring New York City's pro-athletes to provide proof of at least one vaccination shot in order to play or practice in the city.

"That's Kyrie's decision and it's his. Kevin Durant, Nets star, said that what he does isn't on us to speculate about what might happen. "We trust Kyrie and I expect to have our entire team at one point."

James Harden stated that Irving would be speaking to reporters Monday afternoon and explaining the situation.

Harden stated, "Obviously Ky is an important part of what we are trying to do."

Sean Marks, Nets general manager, indicated last week that not all players had met the requirement. However, he expects the team to meet the requirements by the start of next month.

October 8th is the Nets' preseason game in Brooklyn. The Nets open their preseason schedule against the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.


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