A rally held in DC in support of the January 6 defendants drew small crowds but plenty of police and media, despite Trump's support

DC law enforcement was alerted for the planned rally in support of January 6 defendants.
Despite Trump's support for the defendants, the rally attracted a smaller crowd than expected.

According to AP, police in riot gear outnumbered rallygoers by a large margin.

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The "Justice for J6” rally in Washington DC on Saturday sparked fears that were largely unfounded. It failed to attract significant numbers of people.

According to the statement of the organizers, the event was organized in support defendants who were charged with "nonviolent offences" in the Capitol insurrection on January 6. In connection with the Capitol riot, more than 600 people were detained. They face charges that range from unlawful or violent entry and assaulting a police officer.

Security concerns were raised by the rally, which prompted police to put fencing around Capitol Hill earlier in the week. According to a Department of Homeland Security official, they expect 700 people will attend the rally.

Matt Braynard is the organizer of the Justice For J6 rally. He speaks in Washington on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Nathan Howard/Associated Press

In a Thursday statement, former President Donald Trump seemed to show solidarity with rallygoers.

"Our hearts, minds and souls are with those being persecuted unfairly in relation to the January 6th protest regarding the Rigged Presidential election. It has been proven that we have a two-tiered system for justice. But justice will prevail in the end! He said.

However, there were fewer people than expected according to several reports. Capitol Police stated that the rally was attended by only 400-450 people. Photographs and videos show a large police presence and a lot of media.

The New York Times (@nytimes), September 18, 2021

According to the Associated Press, law enforcement officers on the scene in riot gear easily outnumbered rallygoers. Capitol Police reported that at least four people were arrested, with one man holding a gun.

Candidates for elected office were among the speakers at the rally. Associated Press reported that false claims were made about the integrity and violence in January 6th.

One of the speakers was Jonathan Mellis' girlfriend, a Capitol riot defendant. He was caught on video attacking officers with a stick and striking them on January 6, according the AP.

Matt Braynard (the event's organizer, a former Trump campaign staffer), called the rally a success via Twitter and thanked the law enforcement officers who were there.

"Good energy, good message. Everyone home safe. He wrote, "Mission accomplished."

None of the GOP legislators attended the event, even those who had been supporting the January 6 defendants.