Microsoft’s Clipchamp acquisition will help improve video editing on Windows

Microsoft has acquired Clipchamp, a web-based video editing platform, and it is suggesting that it will make a great match for Windows. Clipchamp was founded in 2013 and allows users to create and edit videos from a browser. The final result can be rendered using the full power of the GPU. Companies like Google, Dell and Deloitte use Clipchamp.
Microsoft is looking to integrate Clipchamp in its Microsoft 365 offerings and possibly Windows itself. Clipchamp, a web application that makes use of the full power of your computer, is a great fit for Microsoft 365's cloud-powered productivity experience. Chris Pratley, corporate vice President of Microsofts Office media group, explained.

Microsoft claims Clipchamp is a great match for Windows

Pratley says that Clipchamp is a great fit to Microsoft Windows. This suggests that Microsoft might integrate Clipchamp into Windows. Clipchamp is already available in the Microsoft Store as an app. Microsoft's current video editing tools for Windows, however, are not very impressive.

Windows 11 could improve this situation along with the possibility of Clipchamp integration in future. Panos Panay, chief of Windows and devices, teased a new Windows 11 photos app with better tools for editing videos and photos just minutes before the acquisition announcement. Although the existing Windows 10 photos app can edit videos, the tools are not as powerful and offer fewer editing options than Clipchamp.

Pumped to share another #Windows11 first look with you - the beautifully redesigned #PhotosApp is coming soon to #WindowsInsiders Panos Panay (@panos_panay) September 7, 2021

Clipchamp makes it easy to create videos with multi-track audio and user-friendly editing. It uses both templates and a collection of transitions, stock media and filters. Microsoft's acquisition is part of the company's renewed focus on creativity and consumer-friendly apps.

Microsoft hired an ex-Uber executive to head a consumer app effort within the company. This comes months after Satya Nadella, CEO, stated that the next 10 year will be as much about creation and consumption as it is about building the community.