You can’t hack your YC application, but here’s what to avoid – TechCrunch

We are now in the midst of Y Combinator application season. I have been to YC a few times and have also reviewed thousands of applications as a volunteer over the years.
YC advice is usually focused on how to improve your application so that it gets accepted. These are some tips to help you avoid making mistakes and understand why many YC applications are rejected. As you go through the application process, I have also provided some tips on what to expect and consider.

Keep it simple and direct, and don't overthink your application.

When do I need to submit my YC Application?

If in doubt, refer to YC's instructions and answer the question exactly. Avoid using jargon and make your answers concise.

Last-minute applications are the best because applicants don't overthink their answers or ponder over details that might be required to answer a question. Although I don't recommend that you submit applications before the deadline, it is possible to capture the essence of last minute submissions by being concise and clear.

Your application should be strong enough to get a job interview. Instead of spending time perfecting your application, go back to work.

YC experiments are conducted frequently. This batch, like the previous, had an early deadline to allow accepted teams access before the batch officially started. You have the opportunity to interview in the first round, and then to submit your application for consideration in the standard round.

Is it okay to submit my YC Application late?