How to edit YouTube videos using YouTube Studio, and tips to make your video stand out

YouTube Studio allows you to edit YouTube videos, provided that the video isn’t in draft.
YouTube Studio allows you to make more simple edits like blurring or trimming parts of your video.

A third-party app is able to assist with more complicated edits such as adding transitions or green-screen effects.

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You will need to edit your YouTube videos if you want them to be noticed. You can use the YouTube Studio, which is available to all creators. It allows you to make basic edits if you are new to video making or don't have any video editing software.

This tutorial will show you how to edit basic YouTube videos in YouTube Studio. It also includes tips and tricks to make your video standout.

YouTube Studio allows you to edit YouTube videos

YouTube Studio allows creators to upload and edit their videos. You can also view channel analytics. is all you need to access the Studio. Sign in may be required to access your account.

After you have uploaded your video to the Studio you can begin editing.

Important: You won't be able to access the video editor if your video has been saved as a draft. You can set visibility to Private or Unlisted to prevent others from seeing your video before it is ready.

Reduce the length of the video's start and finish

1. Click the thumbnail to view your video.

Select your video in the "Contents" section. Devon Delfino

2. 2. Click the Editor link in the left sidebar.

Click "Editor" to the left. Devon Delfino

3. 3. Click the blue button to get started.

4. Click Trim. At the beginning and end of the video, a blue bar will appear.

Click "Trim" to open the video timeline. Devon Delfino

5. Move the blue bar from the beginning to the end of the video to trim it.

To trim your video, drag the blue bars at either end of the timeline. Devon Delfino

6. To see the video's visuals, click Preview from the pop-up in the bottom-middle.

7. When you are done, click Save twice

Once you are satisfied, click "Save". Devon Delfino

Quick tip: You can choose Edit Trim to make changes.

Reduce the middle of a video

Here's how you trim the middle of your YouTube video after you have logged into YouTube Studio's editing section.

1. 1.Transport the beginning point to where you want your video to be trimmed.

Move the bar so that the cut is made exactly where you want it to be. Devon Delfino

2. 2. Click Trim.

3. In the pop-up box at the bottom-center, select Split.

Scroll to the bottom and click "Split". Devon Delfino

4. Drag the blue bar from the beginning of the section that you wish to remove from the video.

To select a clip, use the blue bars. Devon Delfino

5. To see the changes made, click Preview.

6. Click Save twice when you are done.

Blur an object or person in a video

1. Select Blur parts from your video in the video editor

Click the "Blur parts" button at the bottom. Devon Delfino

2. Choose from Face blur or Custom blur.

Select "Face blur" and "Custom blur" from the pop-up. Devon Delfino

3. The Studio will detect faces in your video. You can then select which ones you wish to blur and hit Apply. Click and drag the blurbox that appears in your preview window to adjust the blur behavior, timing, shape and blur behavior.

In the section to the left, customize your blur. Devon Delfino

4. When you are ready, click Save

Tips for editing YouTube videos

To minimize the chance of losing footage, separate sections of your video are recommended. You can use B-roll to create a feeling of transition between scenes or to establish your location.

To give your videos a feeling of movement from one scene to the next, or to establish where you are. To make editing faster, use keyboard shortcuts

to get editing done faster. To give your video a feeling of completion, add an end-screen.

To give your video a feeling of completeness, add some music to it. To add visual interest, try taking your video from different angles or positions.

To add visual interest, you can use angles or angles. To get better audio, you might consider using an external microphone.

Apps from third-parties for advanced video editing

YouTube Studio does not allow you to do advanced video editing. You can however use third-party apps such as:

iMovie . This app is free and compatible with Mac computers. This app can be used to create theme templates, sound effects and green screen and split screen effects.

. The free app is compatible with Mac computers. This app allows you to create theme templates, sound effects and green screen effects. Adobe Premiere Rush . You can create custom transitions, speed up your video and add audio.

. You can create custom transitions, speed up your video, and add audio. InShot. This app allows you to add text effects, transition effects, emojis, filters, and blurred backgrounds to your videos.