Taliban fighters killed a journalist's relative as they step up door-to-door hunts for people with links to the West

Taliban trucks in Kabul AP
Deutsche Welle, Germany's broadcaster, claimed that the Taliban were hunting its reporter.

According to the report, fighters killed one relative and severely injured another while others fled.

According to reports, the Taliban are moving door-to-door in search of journalists and other people who have connections to the West.

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Taliban fighters in Afghanistan killed the family member of a Deutsche Welle journalist. This was as part of the group's efforts to find people who are connected to the West or have worked for them.

Deutsche Welle, a German broadcaster, reported that Taliban fighters were looking for its journalist and had shot one of its family members dead and injured another relative. Other family members fled and are now on the run.

It was reported that Taliban had been searching door to door for the journalist who is now based in Germany.

It stated that it would not reveal the identity of the journalist or the address of his family, as their lives are still at danger.

Deutsche Welle said that the Taliban also raided the homes at least three of its journalists.

Peter Limbourg, director-general at Deutsche Welle, stated that the journalists of Deutsche Welle were in danger.

He said, "The murder of a relative by the Taliban yesterday is unimaginable and tragic. It testifies to how dangerous all of our employees and their families are in Afghanistan."

"It is obvious that the Taliban are already conducting organized searches for journalists in Kabul as well as in the provinces. We are running out time!"

Taliban claim that they will continue to protect journalists, women and minorities unlike their previous power.

Multiple reports claim that they are looking door-to-door to find such people. Insider's Matthew Loh reviewed a UN intelligence document that stated the Taliban are "intensifying their efforts to hunt down those who have helped the US, NATO, or the former government in Afghanistan."

Reuters reported that some Afghan journalists claimed their homes were also raided by Taliban.

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