How to use an Xbox One controller on Android

It's possible to pair your Xbox One controller with an Android phone using the Xbox One controller. Microsoft began equipping its Xbox One controllers in Bluetooth radios after the Xbox One S was released. This feature was originally intended for PC gaming but it is now compatible with Android phones and their apps. Although there are better controllers for mobile gaming, this trick is great to keep in your pocket. Here's how to use the Xbox One controller on Android.
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How to pair your Xbox One controller with an Android phone

First, ensure that your Xbox One controller uses Bluetooth. The default Bluetooth feature on newer Xbox One S and Xbox One X versions is enabled by default. Amazon sells new controllers for $50. The pairing process is easy if your phone works with the Xbox One controller. Here's how you can get connected.

To pull down the Notification Shade on your Android phone, swipe down towards the top. Press the Bluetooth icon for a long time. Check that Bluetooth is turned on. Select Scan to scan for devices if your phone does not automatically scan. Hold the Xbox button to turn on the Xbox One controller. The sync button is located at the top left hand side of the Xbox controller. Keep it there for a few seconds, until the Xbox button blinks. On your Android phone, tap Pair new device. After some time, the Xbox One controller should appear in the list. To pair, tap it. If everything goes smoothly, your phone will show a connection with your Xbox One controller and the Xbox button should stop blinking.

Some phones will show evidence that the controller is working immediately. The directional pad and buttons are used to navigate the system's UI. Next, open your favorite Bluetooth controller-supported game to further test it and learn how it works.

Modern Combat 5, RiptideGP, BombSquad, and many other games have worked well with the Xbox One controller. The games worked flawlessly with the controller. They also showed the proper on-screen prompts for controlling the Xbox One controller. Emulators should not have any problems mapping the buttons in the way you like.

How do I ensure my Xbox controller is Bluetooth-capable?

If you are looking for a way to use your existing controllers, it is best to take a look at them. Bluetooth is indicated if the area surrounding the Xbox button is made of the same plastic material as the rest. If your Xbox button is hidden within a separate piece, it won't have Bluetooth. If you need assistance, refer to the image below. If your controller supports Bluetooth, it should look exactly like the photo at the bottom.