Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer has MLB administrative leave extended for fifth time

Trevor Bauer, Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, has been granted an administrative leave extension for a further week up to Aug. 20, his fifth extension. ESPN confirmed this on Friday.August 16-19, L.A. Superior Court will host a civil hearing regarding the temporary restraining orders against Bauer. Bauer's legal team requested a second hearing.MLB can place any player on administrative leave unilaterally for up to 7 days in accordance with a joint domestic violence policy. However, it must first obtain the consent of the MLB Players Association. Bauer has not been with the Dodgers since July 2, when he was placed on leave.A woman has accused Bauer, aged 30, of choking her to death, punching her in multiple areas, and leaving her with severe injuries. This was according to a domestic violence restraining or that was filed in L.A. County Superior Court June 28. ESPN obtained copies.The temporary restraining orders were executed ex parte. They can be obtained without the input of either party. Bauer's side strongly denies the accusations of sexual assault. He called the interactions between the woman and him "wholly consensual" while stating in a prior statement, that Bauer "vehemently denied" her account of the two meetings.The hearing to determine whether the temporary restraining orders would be made permanent was held July 23. It was delayed six more days because Bauer's lawyers requested additional time to prepare a defense against witnesses, exhibits and other evidence they claimed they had not received the night before. On July 29, a continuance was granted.The woman and Bauer both attended the first hearing. Bauer's legal team informed the judge that they have advised him not testify due to the ongoing investigation. However, the petitioner's side said that he must still take the stand even though he invokes the Fifth Amendment right to not answer questions. Each side could call at least 10 witnesses.Bauer, 2020 National League Cy Young Award Winner, joined the Dodgers with a record-setting, three-year contract worth $102 million. It also includes two opt out clauses.This report was contributed by Alden Gonzalez, ESPN.