Firefox 91 Update Strengthens Online Privacy With Enhanced Cookie Protection

Mozilla has released Firefox 91 to the public. It includes an enhanced version for each website of Total Cookie Protection.Cookies are used by websites to remember your preferences and track your browsing habits when you visit them on your device.Some cookies can be very useful because they save your personal information, such as login credentials, so you don't have it to enter every time you visit a site. Cookies can also pose privacy risks because of the information that they store about you.Total Cookie Protection prevents websites from tracking users across sites by storing data in one cookie jar per site.Enhanced Cookie Clearing allows users to empty a cookie jar from a specific website. This includes any tracking data that may have been embedded from Facebook.Firefox does not show individual domains that store data. Firefox now lists the cookie jars for every website visited. This makes it easier to identify and delete any data that a website has locally. It also removes any data from third parties embedded on that website.Strict Tracking Protection (Settings -> Privacy & security) must be enabled for enhanced cookie clearing to work. The Firefox preferences will also allow you to enable Enhanced Cookie Clearing by selecting "Clear Cookies and Site Data" from the identity panel (the lock icon), or using the Firefox preferences.You can also choose to "Forget About This Site" from the History menu. This will delete a site's history and any caches or cookies associated with it.Firefox 91 can be downloaded now from Mozilla's website.