4 Editor-Approved Leggings Outfits to Wear for Your Favorite At-Home Workouts


It’s not surprising that fashion editors wear exercise clothes that are just as stylish as their regular clothes. My coworkers are perfect examples of that, always sharing snaps of their cute leggings outfits, sweat sets, and more. So what exactly do editors wear to work out? So glad you asked. Below, four Who What Wear fashion editors share their go-to activewear looks for spring based on their current favorite activity (all of which don’t require a gym or studio). Hint: There are lots of affordable leggings from JoyLab involved.

What’s your go-to way to exercise?

I’ve been obsessed with at-home workouts lately. I was having trouble getting into a routine after a while of not working out, so my best friend (who also happens to be a wellness coach) introduced me to Melissa Wood Health. She sold me on the fact that I could literally do the videos anywhere: an apartment, the beach, a backyard, on lunch breaks (yes, really), to name a few. They’re challenging but quick, and you can actually see the results.

What do you wear to be comfortable during your workouts?

Even though I’m always tempted to just do these workouts in my pajamas when I roll out of bed, I feel like I put in more effort when I’m actually in workout clothes. And when my sports bra matches my leggings? I’m unstoppable.

What does your activewear drawer look like?

Color-wise, I have a very chill exercise-gear drawer. It’s basically all black and white and muted neutrals, so I love finding interesting textures and intentional details that make it feel a bit more styled up without going down the road of being too bright or patterned. It’s really only up close that you can appreciate how good the ribbed fabric of this set is. My other favorite leggings are actually another JoyLab pair with scalloped edges, and it’s the same deal; I really like those details that look expensive and add some interest without demanding attention.

How do you style activewear beyond your workout?

I am the person who, nine times out of 10, will meet you for breakfast wearing leggings. Honestly, I might just be getting old, but a really good weekend is when I get at least one full day wearing athleisure.

I love spring and summer because then it’s about wearing slightly cropped 7/8 leggings with great pool slides, and you can experiment a bit more with how you layer your sports bras and tanks. But even during winter, I love how a huge wool coat looks over a hoodie, leggings, and great sneakers. It feels effortless and cool, and I honestly don’t know what else you’re even allowed to wear to Whole Foods.

What’s your go-to way to exercise?

My best friend dragged me to a hot yoga class in high school, and I’ve been hooked ever since. My commitment to my yoga practice has definitely ebbed and flowed over the last decade, but it’s the workout I always go back to whether I’m looking for a good sweat or simply trying to get out of my head for an hour. I also love that it literally requires nothing but myself.

What do you wear to be comfortable during yoga?

I always wear a lightweight matching sports bra-and-leggings set that I can really move in. I skip any type of tank or T-shirt because I’ll just sweat right through it (gross but true). Finding pieces that stay put during an hour-long flow is a nonnegotiable for me because constantly readjusting bra straps or pulling up leggings while in a Downward Dog is as awkward and annoying as it sounds.

What does your activewear drawer look like?

I love fun workout outfits so my activewear drawer is a rainbow of options. I’m not shy about wearing colorful or printed activewear in any way. This tie-dye sports bra and leggings set fits right in with the usual suspects. I love the cotton candy sunset vibe, especially for spring. My favorite element is definitely the crisscross straps on the sports bra-it’s the kind of special detail I look for in my activewear.

How do you style activewear beyond your workout?

I live in New York and walk a lot so I always add plenty of layers to my look. In the winter, I wear a big, long puffer jacket, but now that it’s spring I’ll just throw on a light hoodie or a denim jacket.