O.J. Simpson Says He Feared Death During Bout With COVID, 'I Couldn't Catch My Breath'

O.J. Simpson said that he battled COVID for so long, he was afraid he would die.The Athletic spoke with the former NFL star about his battle with coronavirus in 2020. He said that things got so bad at one point, he thought of dying.Simpson stated that COVID almost made it impossible for him to get out of bed after he had the surgery. I managed to get to my balcony and tried to breathe. "I couldn't catch my breathe."Simpson stated that his symptoms were so severe, he spoke to his children about the final arrangements.Simpson, 74, said that she felt vulnerable and for the first time believed that she might be near the end.Simpson was able recover... and stated that he was grateful, saying he is enjoying his freedom in Las Vegas.Simpson claimed that he now plays golf "four to five days per week", and boasted about how he is still considered a celebrity.He said, "People want me to buy them drinks." "I take pictures of people all the time. Ladies hug me."He continued, "People really care about me." "Until you go through some serious stuff, you don't know who really cares about you. I have gone through serious stuff.""The media won't tell it, but that's my life." "I'm enjoying a happy life right now."Simpson did however say that his life is much more limited to Los Angeles.He said he was troubled to be in the city as he is concerned that Nicole Brown Simpson's killer might still be there.