How to hide Google Meet in Gmail

Google introduced Google Meet in April 2020. This is a redesigned version of Hangouts Meet and the app was made available to everyone with a Google account. Use the buttons on the left side of the page to join or start a Meet videoconference.What if you don't want Meet to be available all the time? You can hide the buttons. You can hide the buttons if you are logged into a corporate Google Workspace account. This is dependent on your administrator settings.Here's how to hide Google Meet from GmailOpen Gmail.Click on the cog icon at the top-right corner to view all settings.Click on the Chat and Meet tab.Select Hide the Meet section from the main menu, next to the Meet: labelClick Save Changes.That's it! And even if you hide the Meet shortcut in Gmail, you can always access Meet by going to July 28th 2021 at 11:30 AM ET: This article was originally published June 4, 2020. There have been minor tweaks to the text and one of the screenshots has now been updated to reflect interface modifications.