Claudia Conway Says Things Are Better Between Her & Mom, Kellyanne

Watch videoClaudia Conway is letting out a sigh, and Kellyanne Conway is also letting out a sigh. The latest update on their relationship status says they are a-ok, but still very complicated.Trump's ex-advisor teen daughter, who is also a rising TikTok star herself, took to her favorite platform to share the details with her followers about where she was at this point. You know their turbulent relationship has been over the past year.Play video content 10/7/20 @claudiamconway/ TikTokYou can see it here. CC claims they are getting along better. She says that they have both received the help they needed and are working together to overcome their differences. It's really encouraging to hear that the mother-daughter pair have had solid heart-toshes.Play video content 1/19/21 @claudiamconway/TikTokClaudia provides some context about Kellyanne without going into the nitty gritty. She also talks about things she has gone through in her life. This is something Kellyanne seems to be able to appreciate, which may help explain some of their misunderstandings.It is well documented that their rocky encounters were not pleasant. It's been quite a ride, from Kellyanne grabbing Claudia's phone mid-sentence (and then grounding her from electronics), last October, to Claudia's shouting matches in January.Play video content 1/19/21 @claudiamconway/TikTokThis led to a brief criminal investigation, but nothing more serious. The couple did make some peace when Claudia auditioned and competed on American Idol -- Kellyanne was there to support her.