Protesters clash outside L.A. Korean spa over trans woman disrobing

LOS ANGELES Demonstrators clashed at a Koreatown spa after a transgender lady apparently wore a area that was reserved for women.A few far-right protesters were outnumbered by supporters of transgender rights. According to Officer Frank Lopez from the Los Angeles Police Department, the gathering was declared illegal.According to social media footage, officers were spread out on the spot, while a LAPD helicopter hovered overhead. Demonstrators shouted at one another and in some cases even exchanged blows.Nicholas Prange, spokesperson for Los Angeles Fire Department, stated that one victim was assaulted and received non-life-threatening injuries. He was transported in a private ambulance to a medical facility.Protest was sparked by an incident that was captured on video and shared via social media. A woman complained to Wi Spa USA workers about a trans client who had disrobed and displayed her penis in an area where females are not allowed. It happened about a week ago. Workers stood by the transgender woman and claimed that they could not discriminate against her.According to photos and videos, some of the protesters included apparent QAnon supporter with T-shirts that mentioned the term "Pedowood", a baseless theory about a secret group of Satanist child abusers in government and entertainment.Video captured demonstrators fighting with police and each other. Protesters chanted "Save our Children," another expression associated with QAnon.The police form a line of counter protesters and demonstrators, which leads to some minor physical confrontations between police officers and leftist counter protesters Samuel Braslow. July 3, 2021Los Angeles magazine first reported the story about the spa controversy.Continue the storyWi Spa USA stated to the publication that Los Angeles has a transgender population. Wi Spa is committed to meeting the needs of its customers."Peter F. Jazayeri (a lawyer representing the spa) stated in a statement Saturday, that the business abides by California law which prohibits discrimination on the basis of "gender expression".Jazayeri stated that California law prohibits discrimination against transgender or gender non-conforming persons in business establishments.Blankstein reported from Los Angeles, and Romero from San Diego.