England 2-0 Germany: Player ratings from Euro 2020 Wembley clash

Analyzing how the players performed at Wembley, England's Euro 2020 last-16 clash.England player ratingsJordan Pickford - 9Image: Kai Havertz is denied by Jordan Pickford at WembleyHis reputation continues its rise. He has a great spread save to deny Timo Werner, and then he has a better fingertip to deny Kai Havertz. Raheem Sterling is the only one who can top him in England shirt excellence this summer.Kieran Trippier 7Image: Havertz is able to hold off Kieran TrippierIt is hard to argue with Reece James' inclusion. His set-pieces are more dangerous than any other England produced in the tournament. He did well at the back post and prevented Robin Gosens scoring in the first.Kyle Walker - 6Werner lost his man, but Werner was able to get through Pickford's one-on-one. His pace proved helpful protection for many other occasions. A vital member of England's backline.John Stones - 7The figure at the heart of England's back three. Unable to provide sufficient cover when Werner broke through but confident and in command of the challenge.Harry Maguire - 7Image: England's Harry Maguire scores a goal-scoring headerEngland's most aggressive and perhaps best player, he was the match's first 20-minute scorer. He should have at least hit the target. He was booked moments after England's first goal. After four weeks of preparation for Euro 2020, I am improving with each match.Luke Shaw - 6It's all about choosing your moment! England's breakthrough was possible because England had offered no direction. England's performance was characterized by a lack of adventure, but the bottom line is a clean slate, an assist, and a place among the last eight.Declan Rice - 6Image: Declan Rice and Harry Kane, England celebrateHe was caught in the middle of the field after he conceded an untimely free-kick at the England's border to make Wembley's nerves jangle. He was able to win the match, much like his central midfield partner. Germany won the first 10 minutes, despite the awkward booking.Kalvin Phillips - 7Maguire was able to get the ball through Maguire's hands with a beautiful clipped pass. Maguire had nerves and overhit the backpass within the first few minutes. His self-management during the second half, when he was on the edge of getting a yellow card, was just as impressive.Raheem Sterling – 9Image: Sterling scores for EnglandHe was a different player to England's outfield players, and gave them the inspiration they needed. Manuel Neuer was forced to make a huge save by the Three Lions' brightest star, his drive and shot early on. He kept the pressure up after the break, despite being isolated on the left with Shaw providing little support. Then he started and completed the move for England’s first goal. He almost gave up hero status after he conceded possession to Thomas Muller, but he deserved the slice and luck that followed.Bukayo Saka 7Although it didn't happen, he was England's most important player in making things happen in the first period and caused the most anxiety for the Germans. Jack Grealish was able to take off after the break and be gone with just 20 minutes left.Harry Kane - 7Image: Harry Kane celebrates England’s second goalWhat difference will his goal make to the world? It will make a difference. It is difficult to not reflect on his struggles and near anonymity. He was unable to serve and touched the ball only twice in the first half-hour. However, goals are Kane's currency and Kane's season finally takes off. Hopefully.SubstitutesJack Grealish - 8.This is why many want him to be on the pitch. Shaw provided the pass that set Shaw up for England's goal. Kane received the perfect cross from Kane to make it safe. Gareth Southgate could argue that Grealish's performance as an impact substitute is proof positive.Jordan Henderson - N/AFor the last few minutes, continue on.Germany player ratingsManuel Neuer - 6Always felt on the edge of making a risky pass. Distribution was good in the first half but less in the second. Sterling's long-range goal was saved well at good height, but it did not affect the goals.Matthias Ginter - 5.Shaw was dragged down in a dangerous cross-country position and Shaw was booked. Sterling was more involved in the second period on the ball but Sterling caught Sterling chasing his shadow on a few occasions. Sterling scored early on.Mats Hummels 7The 32-year old, who is almost a sweeper, was completely occupied by Kane, despite his vast experience. After keeping him quiet for 35 minutes, Kane made a brave header to move ahead of Kane, when the England man appeared favourite. Then, he did a last-ditch slide in stoppage to deny Kane once more.In the second period, continued to dominate Kane, making five more clearances than any other player, and playing a few brave ball forward to break the lines. However, Sterling was closer to Kane for Shaw's pass for England’s first goal.Antonio Rudiger - 6Image: Germany boss Joachim Low, Antonio RudigerHe was a rock for the past 12 months, and a large part of Germany's ball retention in the second period. However, Sterling could not be outmuscled as he ran in the lead up to the goal.Joshua Kimmich – 6He usually operates at 15 yards higher but England made him defend for most of the game and forced him to play long with the ball. From Trippier's cross free-kick, he produced a fine defensive header and provided dangerous ball for Gosens at the other end.In the second period, Kimmich was cautious on the ball and resisted the temptation to rush forward. It was almost as if Germany and Kimmich were waiting for something.Toni Kroos – 5He is not the same passing machine. Although not given much space by England he was still able to make a few passes, Rice and Phillips were pushing him harder than expected. He was too involved in the industrious, scrappy side of the game. Germany's worst player, Germany lost the ball 17 times.Leon Goretzka - 7Germany's top player in the first period, after impressing as a sub for Portugal and Hungary. He broke through England's midfield on several occasions and took possession at crucial times. However, he was penalized for two fouls in potentially dangerous positions.Robin Gosens – 5Germany's most innovative player went into this match, with five chances. However, England's high-wing-backs kept him back. Kimmich was just one foot from Kimmich's cross at back post. This rare foray into opposition box saw him make a foray into the box. He was then booked for a late foul against Trippier. It was clear that he was frustrated. England rebuffed his threats throughout.Kai Havertz - 7In the first half, he was too high up, too wide, and too deep. However, he spotted Chelsea teammate Werner, who had superb through ball, for the best chance of the second half. Pickford had to tip over his half-volley, which he was always looking for with his forward pass. He needed more from his teammates, especially these twoThomas Muller - 5.Image: Thomas Muller reacts to a missed golden opportunityGermany's "raumdeuter", or "interpreter of spatial space", was often the first to press England from the front. However, he had to fall deeper as the game progressed. He was not allowed to do his own thing and stayed on the wrong side.Pickford had a great chance of levelling the score with just 10 minutes remaining, but Pickford's lack of pace caused him to go a little earlier than he would like and drag wide.Timo Werner - 5.Image: Timo Werner reacts to being denied by Jordan PickfordSerge Gnabry was the winner for his first tournament start. He ate scraps until he got a chance to play Havertz's through ball. There is not much to be critical of the final; Pickford saved more than poor and it was done from a difficult angle. When up one-on-1 with Stones, Pickford struggled to keep the ball up and chose the more scenic route. After 68 minutes, I was hooked.SubsSerge Gnabry, 5Werner was on the field at 68. He didn't get going and was surrounded by white shirts. In the lead-up for the second goal, Werner gave up the ball halfway.Emre Can, Leroy Sane and Jamal Musiala- NAIn a few minutes